Whether you have playing for years, you're a Disc Golf beginner it’s always a must to follow the basic rules of the game. Some of these rules include:

  • One stroke is counted each time a disc is thrown and each time a penalty is incurred.
  • A 1 stroke penalty is incurred when a players’ disc goes out-of-bounds or in a water hazard.
  • Typical par for an 18-hole course is 54. Par on each hole is 3.
  • The object of disc golf is to acquire the lowest score.
  • Tee throws must be completed within the designated tee pad area.
  • Your lie is the spot where your previous throw landed.
  • Your lie can be marked with a mini or by throwing from behind your disc in the field of play.
  • You must throw from behind your lie but can follow through and step over your current lie.
  • Once your lie is within 10 meters of the basket, you must maintain balance and not step over your lie until the disc comes to rest inside the basket or target.
  • A hole is completed when your disc comes to rest inside the basket or target.

For more rules and information about disc golf, be sure to check out PDGA.com