Brian Cox

Brian "Shanks" Cox

Team Iron Turtle

29 Career Wins

929 Rating


1.Explain briefly what got you into discgolf?

 I started playing in 1994 with my best friend Sean (Bozman) Woods, using a Whamo frisbee. It took us 4 hours to finish that 9 holes of golf, but I was HOOKED !! 

I then found out where to buy the discs that we had seen other players using. I bought a Dauntless,which was made by Lightning Discs and the habit began!

2.What's the disc you would never take out of your bag?

The pro D Rattler

3.Roughly how many courses and in how many states have you played in?

I have played in 5 states on about 45 courses overall. 

4.  What was your most difficult tournament? What was your favorite tournament?

The most difficult  tourney I've played is Mountain High Open,it's on a ski resort lots of long downhill and rough for an old man like myself.

5. Are you a one brander or a mixer upper type?

 I throw a mixed bag of different brands; Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64, and the Daredevil Owl.

6. What are your go-to putter, mid, and driver? 

My go to putter is a hard dagger by Latitude 64, mid is a buzz and driver is a wraith

7. What is your home course?

 My home course is Columbia park in Kennewick, WA.