Brian Cox

Brian Cox "Shanks"

Team Iron Turtle

29 Career Wins


1.Explain briefly what got you into discgolf?

 I started playing in 1994 with my best friend Sean (Bozman) Woods, using a Whamo frisbee. It took us 4 hours to finish that 9 holes of golf, but I was HOOKED !! 

I then found out where to buy the discs that we had seen other players using. I bought a Dauntless,which was made by Lightning Discs and the habit began!

2.What's the disc you would never take out of your bag?

The pro D Rattler

3.Roughly how many courses and in how many states have you played in?

I have played in 5 states on about 45 courses overall. 

4.  What was your most difficult tournament? What was your favorite tournament?

The most difficult  tourney I've played is Mountain High Open,it's on a ski resort lots of long downhill and rough for an old man like myself.

5. Are you a one brander or a mixer upper type?

 I throw a mixed bag of different brands; Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64, and the Daredevil Owl.

6. What are your go-to putter, mid, and driver? 

My go to putter is a hard dagger by Latitude 64, mid is a buzz and driver is a wraith

7. What is your home course?

 My home course is Columbia park in Kennewick, WA. 

8. With the 2021 season behind you, what are your goals for the upcoming season?

My only goal is to try and make it to a rating of 960