Chris Wheeler

Team Iron Turtle


1.Explain briefly  what got you into discgolf? 

I honesty was a big froolfer when I started playing. Did take it to serious was just a good casual sport to play.

2.What's the disc  you would never take out of your bag?

A 2016 Nate Sexton Firebird

3.Roughly how many  courses and in how many states have you played in?

 I’ve played probably 20 courses within three states. 

4. What was your  most difficult tournament? What was your favorite tournament? 

Lilac city open is the most difficult and the Farragut open is my favorite.

5. Are you a one  brander or a mixer uper type? 

I like to mix it up now but for a long time I was just strictly a innova thrower 

6. What are your  go-to putter, mid, and driver? 

The Gateway Wizard, the Innova Gator, Firebird

7. What is your home  course?

 My home course is Downriver discgolf course in Spokane,  WA.

8. What is your goal(s) for the  2021 season?

I have several goals this year, I want to play the best golf of my career and win the Apex point series and make sure I’m totally ready before I jump into Open!  To  do so I want work work on being as positive as possible through every tournament round and to just have fun. If something doesn’t go my way just laugh it off. Practice putting everyday and in doing so raise my rating.