David Willman

Team Iron Turtle Captain

17 Career Wins

894 Rating


1. Explain briefly what got you into discgolf?

 I got started when a friend of mine, who had been playing since the late
70's, got me started. I quickly fell in love with the flight of the disc
and the disc golf community.

2. What's the disc you would never take out of your bag?

The Axiom Envy is my favorite disc. I can do so much with it. I drive, up shot, sidearm, and putt with it. 

3. Roughly how many courses and in how many states have you played in? 

  I have been fortunate to play over 100 courses in 14 states spreading from Florida to Washington State. 

4. What was your most difficult tournament? What was your favorite tournament?

The most difficult tournament would be at the age of 52 playing in the The Northwest Collegiate Invitational. My favorite for several years now is the Timberbeast in Troy Montana. 

5. Are you a one brander or a mixer upper type? 

 I only throw MVP, Axiom, Streamline. 

6.What are your go-to putter, mid, and driver?

My go to putter is the Soft Electron Envy it revolutionized my game. I am not much of a mid thrower preferring to throw the Envy but when I need to I like to throw the Pyro. As for a driver the Axiom Insanity because I can do so much with it.

7. What is your home course?

   My home course is wherever there is a basket.