Melodie Bailey

Team Iron Turtle | Team Innova

90 Career Wins

914 Rating


1. Explain briefly what got you into discgolf?
Honestly, I tried it because I heard a few people talk about it. I thought it sounded dumb, so I had to try it and see what all the fuss was about. From the 1st day I was hooked!!!

2.What's the disc you would never take out of your bag?

Despite my old nickname of Destroyer girl, the destroyer goes in and out of the bag as needed, but the Wraith always stays. It's such a accurate distance driver.

3. Roughly how many courses and in how many states have you played in?

No clue how many course I have played, it's alot.

4.What was your most difficult tournament? What was your favorite tournament?

My most difficult tournement was anything I played while injured.

I think BSF is my fav, it's the only NT that I have a top card finish and I just love the courses. 

5. Are you a one brander or a mixer upper type?

Ladies Team Innova for life!!! 

6.What are your go-to putter, mid, and driver? 

Putter Nexus Aviar, mid Roc, driver Wraith. 

7. What is your home course?

Camp Sekani is my most played course.